Friday, January 15, 2010

"A Journey of Parties" by Rosanna Wolff

How I miss the hoards of people that love and do not judge. That could care less if you are included, part of the elite, part of the group. I am sweet on diversity, intrigued by parallel lifestyles. I dream of a labyrinth of friendships that lay like lace on a wedding dress. How wide is my city, how deep are the layers of tar. How vast is my social aspiration, that blanket all types. I fly through the metropolis super imposed and smiling down on anyone with a light in their soul, a spark in their heart, a shine in their eyes. There's beautiful people out there. People who love. Women who care. Friends who trust you. Loves who adore. There are always people. Thank you God for people to love.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

They're coming Back!!!


Petunia is coming back! Yes that's right!! We are getting ready to shoot the spring campaign and this time it's all about the big apple of my eye - New York City. We have actually shot for Petunia since our shoot in the Hamptons but we have been so busy I didn't post about it. We shot a day in July in NYC and they loved it so much they are flying back in to shoot a 3 day production with us this week! The amazing Krista is producing the whole thing with me and my fabulous team of stylists, make up artist (yay Cherie's on the job!) and AP's (Jason & Tara!) are raring to go and have been working hard getting ready. Janice our beautiful and sexy stylist has been at the studio everyday sorting out the wardrobe. We literally have over 10 thousand dollars worth of clothing, accessories and props at the space. It's a little nuts but .. you know I love it all.

I love working with this crew. We have a lot of fun. Here's Jason feelin' the grey card check in Juy.

Beauty from our beauty Arianna. I love shooting beauty shots!

This time we have 8 models and an on-location mobile home. Awesome! Here's a shot of one of the guy models we were happy to get. Don't worry, I have lots of clothes for him to wear on the set. Portfolio's have really changed since I modeled. Yikes.

We will be all over the West Village on Tuesday, meat packing district Wed and wrapping it up at Bethesda Terrace/Bow Bridge on Thursday. If you see us give us a holler!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have been blogged! Click here to see!


How fun it was to visit the Petunia blog and find this great little behind the scenes dish of our fall shoot together. My fabulous assistant/producer/second shooter Krista Njapa shot the crew while were all punch drunk from two full days of creative collaboration. It truly was such a fun job and I wish we were doing it everyday.

Which reminds me, I can not say enough about my girl Krista. There from almost the very start she has truly been that rock people speak of when they talk of rocks in their life's work. We met on a silly forum that can sometimes breed jealousy and resentment in our line of work. Yet it can also bring together the best of friends and creative soul sisters. In our busy life (she is a mom of 2 under 4) I hardly get to see her outside of our gigs but in an alternate universe I wish we lived next door to each other swapping baby sitting responsibilities, walking thru the woods with our cameras and kids and just sharing life's beautiful moments as friends and neighbors. She is one of the most beautiful and generous people I know. If I could be more like her well then, I'd be pretty damn happy. But alas I am just a wee bit too direct, loud, confrontational and high maintenance to ever be like her. The good news is when we work together she rubs off on me. Yay!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kid's fashion Photographer shoots celebrity favorite :: baby gear designer Petunia Pickle Bottom!!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Launches! Click on on the green title above to check out the imagery I shot for their fall 09 Campaign as well as the launch of their newly redesigned website!

If you do not know PPB you really should. When I was pregnant with Matty one of the things I obsessed over was finding a cool [refused to call it diaper bag] carry all. I'm the girl who does things a little different. I found my wedding dress from a couture house on Madison Ave and designed my own prom dress in the style of a 1920's flapper. I just can't carry around any old bag all day long. As it turned out I never found anything worthy so I mostly utilized a black messenger bag and strapped it to the stroller [or my husband] when ever I could. If it was in the era of PPB a Cake Cosmo would have been on my arm everyday.

To see all of the imagery click on catalogs on the bottom of their site and download the Fall 09 Book.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Children's fashion photographer

Sneak peak of things to come..... stay tuned!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pay off

Creating images as an artist and running a biz around it is not always easy. But look at those eyes and killer smile. All the hard work and artist's revelations are all worth it to capture a spirit like this.